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The stocks you bought you never own
The Fed was founded in 1913 to deal with financial crises. In 2022, the main cause of financial crises is the Fed
The SEC is merely a tool for corporate America to regulate its own corruption in the economy
I bought shares and I didn’t like them, can I return them back and refund?
I like the stock
I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of __ pounds
95 percent of all retail orders do not reach lit exchanges
Great things are done by a series of small things brought together
Socialize risks, privatize profits. This is capitalism
The best time to be alive in human history is now
As my dad would say: Buckle up
85 precent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck regardless of income
Where I come from they call that stealing
Buy, Hold, DRS
The Noble Prize in Economics is not an official prize awarded by the Nobel Committee
In a pump and dump, the SEC can't hear you scream
It's Time to Pay The Reaper
If you can just print money, then why am I paying taxes?
Imagine the US/Canada/UK/... leaving their garage each morning and they crash into the same tree every single time waiting for someone to remove that tree rather then driving around it ... thats the stupidity that goes in that govs
Looks good. Solid DD. I’m also very high right now
Looks good. Solid DD. I’m also very high right now
Judges are in on it

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